Forging Forward is joining with Stacey Buckner and OFF-Road Outreach to fundraise to return a Vietnam Veteran’s ashes to his family.

Other veterans’ organizations and veteran supporters include Veteran’s Council of Union County (SC), Patriot Guard Riders, NC 15-1 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, VFW Post 6771, Fort Bragg Harley Davidson, Operation Fly Our Flag, and Paul’s Place.

The owner of a storage facility in Pageland, SC, was cleaning out an abandoned storage unit. Left behind was a small cardboard box that contains the ashes of Corporal James William Gartland. The owner of the storage facility began looking for CPL Gartland’s family in October 2018 with no luck.

Stacey was contacted by the owner a few days ago. Through her contacts and determination, she was able to locate CPL Gartland’s brother in Dillsburg, PA.

Ryan Stafford of the Veterans Council in Union County, NC, transported the ashes to Stacey from Monroe, NC. When Stacey received the box, she brought it to the Fayetteville VA Chaplain, who said a prayer to honor CPL Gartland.

Stacey began contacting other organizations to assist with returning the ashes to the family. CPL Gartland will get a Pony Express ride from Fayetteville, NC to Dillsburg, PA on October 12. He will be accompanied by the Patriot Guard Riders and the NC 15-1 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

The ride will begin at Fort Bragg Harley Davidson at 8:00 am. Kickstands up at 9:00 am. The complete route will be shared in a later post when it is finalized.

The plan is to arrive at the VFW Post 6771, 22 Franklin Street, Dillsburg, PA between 5:00 - 6:00 pm. At that time, the VFW will hold a memorial service and presentation of ashes for CPL Gartland and Operation Fly Our Flag will present the family with a flag and shadow box.

All Facebook donations for returning CPL Gartland’s ashes to his family will go to support the Pony Express ride, urn, Memorial Service. Remaining funds will be given to Off-Road Outreach, a veteran-owned and run organization that provides mobile showers to the homeless along with outdoor therapy programs.

Donations are tax-deductible, any donation over $250.00 will receive a letter from The Bobby Henline Foundation, dba Forging Forward, EIN #83-4615262.

Thank you in advance from all of us and from CPL Gartland’s family.


CPL Gartland Ashes