“I shall walk this earth

as a shield of strength

and a beacon of Hope.

When I'm gone, I will continue

to inspire from above."

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The Bobby Henline Foundation, Inc. doing business as Forging Forward, is an IRS registered and approved 501(c)3 non-profit, public charity organization, EIN 83-4615262. The Foundation has a GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency. 

 The Foundation consists of a group of people who believe it is in everyone’s best interest to honor and empower military veterans and first responders and their families, and Gold Star Families. By joining likeminded individuals and organizations together, we can fulfill the vision of creating everyday lives filled with quality, friendship, motivation, flexibility, and individual pride. We do this through the sharing to inspire learning, advance knowledge and strengthen our local and global communities. 

Within this duty is the underlying social responsibility of assisting the target populations to re-secure their humanity through the provision of and funding for opportunities to increase social connectivity, to gain new skills, increase knowledge and treatment of physical and mental health conditions related to stress and trauma, and provide supports that allow an individual to live a collective, fulfilling and dignified life.

Our History

Bobby Henline - burnt Army uniform flag patch

In April 2007 Bobby Henline came home from his 4th deployment to a war zone barely holding on to his life in a medically induced coma.

Doctors said there was no medical explanation why he was alive.

He feels he should have died with the other four men in the vehicle but didn’t. 

Bobby has learned over the years how to battle the demons of PTSD, Survivors Guilt, Emptiness and Isolation.  He knows the darkness of feeling lost and detached from friends and family.  Many nights he prayed to God to let him die in his sleep.

For over 10 yrs, Bobby has traveled the world sharing his story inspiring others and being inspired by others.

With supportive friends, Bobby started the Bobby Henline Foundation dba

“Forging Forward” to help others like him, Military, First Responders, and their families.  

Forging Forward's goal is to help them find their outlet, show them how to use the tools and weapons Bobby has been using for years to battle and live with his "new" normal to help them find their "new" normal, and to help them look deep inside and ask

not "What’s wrong with me?", but to ask “What is Strong with Me?"

Bobby says "A good leader has been through hell and understands 

what it takes to get through.

Then reaches back and helps the next persons through. I hope to be a good leader to as many as I can. I feel it is my mission on earth to help others through hell and continue Forging Forward into the light."

Major Goals


For Veterans and First Responders and their families, Gold Star Families

  • Connectivity with each other and their communities through varied forms of art such as speaking, photography, forging, comedy, acting, music, poetry, book writing, songwriting, storytelling, and more.

  • Positive, collaborative social interaction through the varied forms of art.

  • Access to existing organizations offering activities to promote physical and mental health.

  • Funding opportunities for formal education.

  • Forging Forward encourages Veterans and First Responders to reach out to a buddy, administrator, professional, or family when the load feels too heavy to carry alone, with a focus on getting professional assistance to work through   stress related to war wounds, job, relationships, substance use, physical health, money, legal, or housing stress.


  • Forging Forward's ultimate goal is the elimination of suicide among our Veterans and First Responders.

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