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Forging Forward, a non-profit organization, works to reinforce community connectivity and healing for our work- or battle-wounded USA Veterans, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, 911 Dispatch Operators and their families, and Gold Star Families.  

Below are the ways in which we work with our Board, our donors, and other vetted organizations to promote mental health wellness, physical wellness, career moves or restarts to assist in reclaiming a sense of connection. 

Forging Forward SERVICES

Forging Forward Retreats

Forging Forward Retreats

 Forging Forward brings 4 to 10 Veterans and/or First Responders to a 2-4 day retreat to enjoy nature. We plan activities in a variety of locations to rekindle camaraderie in a safe and open environment. We team up with local artists and professionals to teach participants a new outlet or tool through art to address PTSD and other trauma-related issues. Activities may include whittling, wood crafts, storytelling through poetry, songwriting, comedy, welding, forging, hiking, bicycling, painting, photography, community service, and more 

Forging Forward Remembrance Tags

Forging Forward Remembrance Tags

Forging Forward creates dog tags with the names of First Responders and Veterans who have died by suicide due to their work or battle wounds of PTSD, TBI or other mental health issues. 

The dog tags are presented to Veterans, First Responders and families in memory of their comrades and loved ones to never be forgotten. 

We ask each person receiving a dog tag to take an oath to continue the fight in memory of their comrade or loved one.  The oath focuses on living life to the fullest and having the strength to ask for help.

Forging Forward partnered with Patriotic Productions and Shadows Behind the Badge to provide this service.



I will wear this tag with honor and a reminder of my strength.

I will grow from what is strong with me and continue to improve my fighting position.

I promise to live my life to the fullest in respect of those we lost.


Forging Forward Speakers

Forging Forward Speakers

Forging Forward helps cover the cost to get motivational and inspirational First Responders and Veterans to schools, ROTC classes, faith-based organizations, and non-profit organizations that might not otherwise be able to afford a speaker to inspire their community. 

Forging Forward will cover part of the expense such as airfare, hotel, food and/or an honorarium for the speaker.

Forging Forward Program Partners


Forging Forward will team up with other organizations with similar goals and services to expand and

accomplish our mission.

Forging Forward Allies


 Forging Forward will team up with other organizations invested in giving back to the Veteran, First Responder, or Gold Star Family communities.  

Forging Forward Fundraisers


 Forging Forward will team up with Veteran, First Responder, or Gold Star Family individuals and organizations to advance services or programs that globally and mutually benefit the veteran, first responder, or Gold Star Family communities. 

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